What we will collect

Furniture Bedside cupboard, bench, blanket box, bookcase, bureau, cabinet (display, kitchen, corner), chair (dining, high, child’s, rocking), chest of drawers, cot, clock, cupboard, desk, dressing table, hi-fi unit, sideboard, table (kitchen, dining, coffee), wall unit/dresser, wardrobe
Soft furniture & Upholstered items 2 or 3 piece suit, sofa, easy armchair, chaise lounges, bed, mattress, headboard, sofa bed, pouffe.

If you are donating upholstered items or mattresses, they must have the fire safety label attached. They’re usually attached to your sofa behind the cushions. If your sofa does not have one, we cannot accept it.

Working household appliances Electric cookers, dishwashers, DVDs, freezers, fridges, heaters, hi-fis, lamps, microwaves, spin dryers, tumble dryers, TV, vacuum cleaners, recent video recorders, washing machines
Bathroom furniture Cabinets only
Computer equipment Base units, computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners
Bicycles All projects will accept working bikes. Chester Used Furniture, Crewe Christian Concern, Reviive and Wesley Community Furniture (Manchester) will accept bicycles in need of repair
Paint If you are in Cheshire West,  you can drop off paint at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre and Changing Lives in Cheshire will collect from there. They are not allowed to accept paint donations from the general public at their warehouse. If you are a painter, decorator or paint wholesaler, contact them directly.
Garden tools
Other items  Bedding, bikes, carpets, clothes horse, curtains, ironing board, mirrors, plant stands, prams, pushchairs, rugs
Textiles Changing Lives in Cheshire (Winsford), Christian Concern Crewe, Cheshire Streetwise (Macclesfield), Tree of Life (Wythenshawe) also accept good quality textiles such as bed linen, duvets, towels etc

We can only accept goods that are in a good quality condition, suitable for reuse.

Projects are particularly keen on donations of:

  • 2/3 piece settees, tables and chairs
  • beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers
  • washing machines & electric cookers

But we will collect a whole range of items that go to make a house a home:

Projects generally can’t collect:

  • Pianos, gas cookers, twin tubs, soft furnishings without the fire retardant label. Why not contact your local freecycle group to see if there is anyone out there who can make use of these items.