Project Description

Wesley Community Furniture

Charity that consists of two shops (with offices & workshops), three vans, five paid staff, and our invaluable team of 20+ volunteers and trainees.

Collects donations of household items from the public from all over the Manchester area and into north Cheshire, which we sort, repair if necessary and viable, store, sell at minimal cost and deliver to off street or referred clients.

Works in partnership with others to provide furniture and other household items at the lowest prices to those in need , to further relive poverty by providing jobs, volunteering and training opportunities, and to re-cycle and re-use as much of the material we receive as possible.

Homestarter packages at roughly 50% discount based on referrals from support organisations and groups that help people in the community that are in need (including law centres, social services, DWP, CABs, housing associations, refugee projects, groups that support families, homeless charities etc).

Charity registration number: 1116806

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