Project Description

The Tree of Life Centre at Wythenshawe

The Tree of Life mission is “To work in partnership with others to create a sustainable resource which improves the health and wellbeing for people in Wythenshawe”.

The Tree of Life Centre, Wythenshawe, best known for its Furniture Re-use centre, is seen as working at the “grass roots” of the local community. We operate an open door policy and are seen as a “one stop” shop for meeting our users’ needs. We provide;

  • Furniture, household goods, and clothing re-use centre
  • Volunteering schemes
  • A place to learn new skills and gain practical work experience
  • IT suite, accessible to all
  • Job club
  • Health and wellbeing education
  • Community café
  • Repaint Scheme.

Through these activities;

  • We are a lifeline for many people in need of food, clothing, dignity and a sense of belonging.
  • We provide social interaction and activities that improve the health and wellbeing of individuals.
  • We increase people’s ability to participate in the wider community.
  • We increase the quality of life for people on a low income.

Our values are to remain people centred, to accept people as they are and to offer a place of safety, offer practical support and build relationships.  We look to create a sustainable organisation and to be environmentally friendly.

Charity Commission Reference 1099847

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