About Us

Cheshire Furniture Reuse Forum is a group of organisations operating in Cheshire that work with local communities, authorities and housing associations to collect quality reusable furniture, appliances and other household items and donate or sell them at low cost.  We:

  • support individuals and families when they need it most, helping them access furniture they otherwise couldn’t afford;
  • provide volunteer, training, work-placement, apprenticeship and employment opportunities;
  • help the environment by stopping lots of good quality furniture ending up on landfill sites.

Every year members help over 10 thousand families providing over 400 jobs, work-placements and volunteering positions, generating over £1m for the local economy whilst saving 600 tonnes from landfill.

Established in 2007, the Cheshire Furniture Reuse Forum itself is a Charity (Registration Number 1163547) that specifically represents and supports its community based furniture and appliance reuse & recycling members. It’s purposes are:

  1. to support organisations that provide for the relief of financial hardship through the provision and recycling of furniture, clothes and other household items;
  2. the promotion for the public benefit of the efficiency and effectiveness of furniture reuse organisations in Cheshire by promoting the better administration, management and sharing of their services and resources.
  3. the protection and preservation of the environment for the public benefit by advancing the education of the public in Cheshire about all aspects of furniture and household items reuse and recycling.

It does this through regular networking meetings to allow members to share information, experience, ideas, news, opportunities; acts as a central point for members to share excess donated items, equipment, space, vans, joint purchasing, back office services etc; central point of contact for the general public, potential partners; member specific support such as grant applications, license completions, marketing etc.



  • Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practise 2015
  • Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards 2009
  • Resource awards 2008
  • Yell’s Best UK Partnership in the Waste Sector 2008
  • Lets Recycle awards Best Community Recycling Initiative in the UK 2007

Key Documents

CFRF Annual Report 2015-2016

CFRF Annual Report 2013 2014

CFRF Annual Report 2010-2011


CFRF Constitution – Final