CFRF Annual Report 15-16

‘It is fantastic to see that the work of the CFRF and its members continues and that we as a forum are prepared to develop and adapt. The reuse of household goods prevents waste, prevents the need to break down materials for recycling and prevents the need to remanufacture.

The simple act of collecting an item of furniture and passing it on to another person has a big impact in terms of the material costs of manufacturing , it prevents using limited resources like metal in new products, and it reduces energy costs  in the manufacture of new products.

The social impact of helping low income families furnish their homes and the work experience members can provide to people in the collection, delivery and repair of items is invaluable to many individuals.

The forum plays an important role in bringing the members together, providing new ideas and sharing our experiences. Given the difficult time some of our members have faced this year the work of the forum and the co-ordination of our work and joint impact in Cheshire is more essential than ever.

Julian Price, Cheshire Furniture Reuse Forum Chair of Trustees